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YoYo double corset after pregnancy

Postpartum mother due to physical weakness, the body of the ligament elasticity failed to immediately resume, easily lead to visceral ptosis, muscle relaxation. For postpartum mothers, wearing their own double corset after pregnancy can supplement the lack of muscle strength, abdominal relaxation, postpartum timely use can also play a hemostasis, promote wound healing effect. The correct use of the method is: the corset in the daily half an hour after a meal, after the urine to wear, before bed to remove. At the same time, the use of the belly belt, but also vary from person to person. Normal delivery of postpartum, should strengthen the exercise, often do leg lift, sit-ups and some postpartum exercises, and should not rely on long-term belly belt. Caesarean section of the postpartum, in the abdomen after the stitches, but also not long with the corset. The body is too thin or internal organs have sagging symptoms, to be resettle organs should be removed after the double corset after pregnancy.
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