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Usage: Postpartum Girdle / Shapewear

after birth girdle uk

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  • Name:after birth girdle uk
  • Category:stomach compression band, postpartum body shaper, postpartum body shapers, best postpartum belly band
  • SKU:AQS190092-1
  • Color:Nude,Black
  • For people:natural labour,Cesarean section,Pregnant women,Need to thin people.
  • Material:Polyamide
  • Material composition:Triacetate fiber (triacetate fiber) 80% Polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 20%
  • Fabric:mesh yarn
  • style details:lace
  • season:spring, summer, autumn, winter
  • Breathability:breathable
  • Elastic Index:very good
Size Chart
Waistline Weight
XS 57-63CM 33-43KG
S 64-70CM 44-49KG
M 71-77CM 50-57KG
L 78-85CM 58-64KG
XL 86-92CM 65-70KG
XXL 93-100CM 71-76KG
XXXL 101-110CM 77-85KG
Note: The data of the size chart is manual measurement, because there are elastic factors in the material, manual measurement will exist 1-2CM deviation.

after birth girdle uk Reviews

Good enough
By Prime Addicton
Love this. After having a baby, my body is taking a while to return. This shape wear helps make my stomach and bottom appear firmer. It's comfy and not too tight. although I usually prefer loose-fitting clothes. I'm glad I purchased this! | Tag: post pregnancy belly band singapore
for a few days now and so far I love it! It serves it's purpose and love the ...
By S.T.on
I ordered this Girdle Corset to flatten my lower stomach area for a wedding I was in 2 weeks after giving birth. I ordered a small, (I am a size 2 jeans) and the corset was too small for my waist. The corset did its job in flattening my stomach with forming an hourglass look. The girdle was tight and a bit uncomfortable but I think thats natural for its purpose. | Tag: post pregnancy belt melbourne
Works great
By MzFab66on
its very comfy..i wear it every day! | Tag: postpartum support belt best
Recommend for postpartum mommies
By cogicladyon
This product is the bomb! First of all, I love the way it holds your stomach and the way you can adjust it to however comfort you want. I had my C-section with my first pregnancy and the hospital used their product which was not bad because it did help with my recovery but the problem is, it actually pushed the bottom part of my belly down, so right now I have a "hanging" belly. Now going on month 4 with my second baI like this after birth girdle uk | Tag: maternity belt after delivery
Good but should be tighter around belly area
By sandra matulaon
WAAAAAAY too small. Not even close to the size chart. Looked like it would have been a wonderful garment if it fit.Appeared to be well made. | Tag: african postpartum belly binding
it tucked in just enough so i can slide into my wedding dress pretty easily without showing much of my "pooch"
By Therealdealon
So far, I love this article of clothing. It hides almost everything! I look smoother that's for sure! I originally bought it to wear under a dress, but I think I'll be wearing it under everything! It is a bit difficult to get on, and feels tight, but the look it creates is worth it. | Tag: destination maternity postpartum support belt
Would recommend.
By Nicholeon
Kept everything in, but it did get uncomfortable after a few hour!! Hard to pee in also! lol | Tag: best postpartum girdle
One Size Fits All Comfortably.
By dianne montanez-herreraon
This is a little small and I am not using it postpartum. I like that it is in 3 pieces so I can use it as needed to target areas after cryolipolysis. It is not discreet enough to wear in public but I stay home and wear it during the day. | Tag: post maternity support belt
The quality isn't that great. They don't really allow for much movement
By Brenda Pilgrim-Ahlbergon
Uncomfortable and slides | Tag: belt for women tummy after delivery
Fits great! I'm due June 19th and plan on putting ...
By Mdpayne23on
It is sloppy to wear and it doesn't stay put but I guess it works. | Tag: best girdle after c section
Really comfortable. I can actually wear these all day
By Kimberly Butterfieldon
I was happy with these because the XL was too large for me. I like the beige and taupe options.So great for this after birth girdle uk | Tag: best girdle stomach uk
I should have worn it post pregnancy to give a better review.
By Spring_All_Yearon
Really tight. I know it's supposed to be, in order to hold everything in, but it was uncomfortably tight around the banded tummy area. I ordered in the size I normally wear in underwear and I have a fairly small waistline to start with. Went back. | Tag: best postpartum belt after c section
Good compression. Very comfortable.
By Pon
Love this shapewear, perfect fit. | Tag: best rated post pregnancy belly wrap
Nice curves
By JM Blackon
I love it it looks just like the picture is comfortable and does the job of holding me in but it's a little bit smaller than advertised it shows off my upper back fat more than I would like so you can tell I have one on if I don't dress it right | Tag: Postpartum Girdle Belt in Belgium
Perfect fit!!
By kei_lobo18on
I should have realized that the models they use in these ads already have the ideal shape. This may work for someone who's just trying to smooth out some loose skin or bumps but not to actually minimize the belly section. | Tag: Postpartum Girdle Belt in Sudan
Good but not great
By Samanthaon
Very well made - soft and comfortable o wear! |
Save your money
By ChrissyBon
This shaper is great. My wife bought it using this account and she often wears it.I the best after birth girdle uk |
She said it's good.
By Laura A.
I wore these after a surgery I was having because I was so bloated and they are amazing. |
Hug your body back to one piece after a C-section
By Kellyon
My belly disappears when I wear this which was the goal. It also helped shrink my belly over time. |
Not bad for the price
By JSon
I love this product. It's comfortable and sleek. I was hesitant about buying it because all of the negative reviews and people were recommending to order a size up, so I ordered a L and XL thinking it ran small... I tried on the large and it fits perfectly (almost). I could've bought a M and it probably would've been just as perfect. I tried on my dress with it and it sucked in my small fupa and it wasn't tight... |
Created a nice silhouette except for the bunching up
By Peter O.on
This shapewear worked OK for me, but it is not really good for my body type. It fits well in the hip area and makes my bum look good, but it is a bit too large over my waist. I can see how this would work well for other body types though. I used it on my wedding day to keep my tummy flat, and it did the job. I still wear it sometimes when I'm bloated and want my tummy to look flat. I am 6ft, 148lb, athletic type (with strong hips and small waist) and bought medium. |
Hugs all the right places!
By Kelly Ton
My child wore this bag two times and the strap unraveled from the seam. Poorly made |
Firm support postpartum.
By helenon
Amazing product for the price!! |
A must buy for a c section
By rm16860on
I really like how much support I get! |
Comfortable; does the job!
By apete2012on
fits very weird and doesn't really suck in anything. The way this item fits me is when I sit down, it bunches up terribly in the top portion and presses either on the bottom portion of my rib cage or just straight into my muffin top. IT DOES NOT STAY UP WHEN YOU SIT DOWN. It rolls up and bunches. And when I get up it rides up my crack like a g-string. I really wanted an affordable alternative to spanx but it's a "you get what you pay for" kind of thing. I have no use for this item. |
By GrayMatterson
Awesome product it really works . I would definitely recommend this product . The seller was easy to work with and very quick with shipping. |
but at the same time it wouldn't be as comfortable. I did have some problems with it rolling
By Angela Lineon
bottom part rolls up and becomes visible under form fitting dresses....which defeats the purpose. I wish it did not roll up. Maybe I needed a bigger size. |
Runs small
By christy priceon
This product worked fabulously.....for exactly one week to the day. After a week the velcro would no longer hold and it popped open with every move I made. :( Very disappointed in the longevity of the product. Something that is needed for 6 to 8 weeks should be built to last at LEAST half that time, you would think. Purchasing a new one for $12.99 a week seems like quite a scam to me! |
So helpful
By Carter's Mamaon
this was very uncomfortable and bulky . i was unable to wear it under clothes because it was very visible. i bought this for postpartum healing. |
Loved these.
By megon
The stomach area was okay BUT I warn you, if you have a big butt and/or thighs this is not the shape-wear for you. The shorts ride up and you can see the lines through clothes. A thong or panty version would probably work better. If you are not bottom heavy then it probably works fine. I liked the material. |
Great for post c-section
By tahanion
I just had my ba |
Adjustable for comfort
By Selmaon
Great item ?? |
It's ok if you just want to smooth , not for holding anything in tho
By HeidiAon
I bought this for my daughters, it doesn't work very well. I keep rolling down from stomach and from thighs |
Its ok
By Tonion
Surprisingly comfortable. |
This product is so great because it has versatility with all the adjustments it ...
By Backcountry Exposureon
Very good , help me to lost weight after the ba |
MUST-HAVE after childbirth!!!!! These pushed ...
These are a little long in the waist/torso for me but they do smooth my waistline. I just feel like I have to pull them up too far. |
It's wonderful love holds everything in place
By HouseFamilyon
I debated getting a small or a medium, but after reading other reviews, I got a medium. |
Good item!
By CFKon
Fit perfec ?? |
Rolls at waist
I wear an XL normally and I got an XL and it was a little snug. Other than that, it wasn't too bad. |
Fits kinda small
By Yahairaon
I do wear it a majority of the day. I only take it off when i get uncomfortable and when i sleep. |
These fit, but were just not the style of ...
By Maggie S.on
It fit as expected. |
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